Chairman Message

Dear our beloved consumers & stake holders,

I humbly extend a warm welcome to you all to join this extended SATMOLA family today and become an integral part in the celebration of our achievement and success which has been possible because of you.


It was a long and tedious journey ever since 1944 when we had made a humble beginning with the idea of service before self. Today we are proud of our achievement of having been able to create a meaningful difference in the lives of our consumers with our ever growing portfolio of products and services. 


The journey started from one pack size of the Satmola Digestive Tablet and today we have 3 different categories of products of the likes of Namkeens (Indian Snacks), Tea & the age old Tablets in whole new avatar with more pack sizes and in multiple flavours. The variety and innovation in our new product lines – the Namkeens (Indian Snacks) & Tea are as much, if not more, with some cutting beyond the barriers of ethnicity to be accepted by all regardless of geographical divide, culture, palate and social status. Diversification from Ayurvedic Medicines into tea & snacks was a conscious and strategic move with a view to widening the business horizon into categories which either have a very large base like tea or have a very high growth like branded namkeens & snacks – a market which is growing by 25% year on year. This potentially rich future has seen the influx of many new players in the namkeens and snacks category including top MNCs in the recent past. This phenomenon has not only increased competition but also multiplied per capita consumption making way for all long term players to survive and do well. 


We have also moved beyond geographical limits of the Indian sub-continent into the Middle East extremely successfully and also rapidly venturing out to the other continents as well leveraging the strength of our enviable success in the domestic market for over 30 years now. 


Moreover, we are now fast graduating to a modern professionally managed global enterprise from being a fully family owned business which has seen a steady increase of strength of our team in all domains of business with highly qualified and experienced professionals from top MNCs joining our family to head various business verticals. This has not only brought in the required management excellence into the organization but also has enriched the business by adding substantial value proposition to the brand par se to make SATMOLA a truly global name.  


My sincerest thanks and salute once again to all our consumers and each individual stake holder whose unstinted support and effort have contributed to making of SATMOLA what it is today.