Our Talent Philoshpy

We promise

We ensure that good performance is always recognized and commensurately rewarded. At Satmola, the sky is the limit for the hard-working and the result-oriented.

Great work environment
Satmola has a cheerful, warm and friendly work environment with a lot of professional freedom and encouragement for creativity and innovation.
Learning and growth

We constantly create new learning opportunities for our people by way of organizing interesting seminars, workshops and training programs on a regular basis. Besides, we put people in various departments to help them develop cross–functional abilities and a more well–rounded professional experience for better career growth.


People from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life make Satmola a multi-coloured kaleidoscope with a lot of zing. We gain multi-fold from this diversified experience.

Fun at work

Satmola is extremely enjoyable. That’s work is interspersed with fun at regular intervals—parties, community events and other fun activities are part of Satmola group.

Come and be a part of the exciting world of SSG Pharma Pvt. Ltd (Satmola Group)

Experienced Professionals

Offering you more

We have gained our reputation as one of the world's most admired employers by providing an environment where individuals can achieve their goals, both professionally and personally. We are aware that to attract and retain the best people, we must offer them more. More ways to take advantage of the opportunities, more room to succeed and grow, and more directions in which to pursue their careers.


We have a vast range of roles, disciplines, functions and international locations to satisfy the most imaginative and determined minds. And as our business evolves, new possibilities arise. Here you can become a business leader, work on brands you're passionate about and build specialist knowledge and expertise.

Freedom to act

Our success depends on innovation, so we do everything we can to ensure that enterprising people have the freedom to act. We give them all the support and encouragement they need. At the same time, we empower them to make tough decisions, implement new ideas and use their initiative.

You decide

We believe that individuals should drive their own careers and that life at work should be a continuous learning journey. Seizing the opportunity to make a difference is more important than simply progressing up the ladder. People with this attitude and approach will find Unilever challenging, inspiring and highly rewarding.

Performance Management


uture Growth


Performance and Development Planning (PDP) helps you make the most of your working life at Satmola.


The process supports you in identifying and delivering against challenging goals that impact the organisation. It helps you plan how you'll develop skills and leadership behaviours for your current position and for the years ahead. It also gives you the opportunity to clarify expectations and discuss future opportunities.

Ongoing commitment

PDP provides a continual process that allows for a thorough evaluation of your performance. It's an approach designed to encourage clarity and transparency throughout the year.


The key thing to remember is that this is an ongoing dialogue between you and your manager. It's about listening, sharing and accepting feedback, and taking responsibility for the next step in your career.

Rewards & Benefits

Reward for Performance

Satmola reward philosophy is to provide market competitive salary and benefits with a strong linkage between performance and pay. Accordingly, our overall reward package includes.


- Fixed Salary that is competitive with our peer companies.


- Variable Salary that is linked to company and individual performance.


- Equity compensation (at eligible levels) that is linked to long term (3 year) company performance and your potential.


- Benefits and Perquisites aimed at providing you choices.


As a business, we aim to grow and create shareholder value. If you help us achieve those goals, we'll reward you well. And since you help create your own objectives, you can see precisely how your actions affect what you receive. All performance based reward (cash and equity, where applicable) is annual, in April. This reward recognizes both our collective success and your individual contribution to it.