Teamwork and Leadership

Ambitious plans are turned into reality by groups of like-minded people people who share a common objective, attitude, outlook & passion.
Teamwork is everyone's focus

Teamwork is an essential part of life here at Unilever. Not least because we are a large business operating in a truly global environment. More often than not, you'll work alongside colleagues from a number of different countries and disciplines. Each day, you'll build bridges across cultural and intellectual borders.

Every individual is responsible for contributing to the team's efforts. Through working closely together we foster a true sense of collaboration. We stimulate ideas in each other and encourage more innovative thinking. We share information and challenge accepted wisdom to shape and evolve an exciting future for our business.

Leadership is everyone's responsibility

Leadership can take many different forms. It could be line managing teams in a department or during an assignment. It could mean using your expertise in a key subject area. It could involve thought leadership. Either way, it's about getting things done – individually or through people – in a way that others will admire and follow.

At every level and in every kind of job, leaders are the ones who demonstrate that great results can be achieved by working in different ways to overcome natural boundaries. Often operating outside their comfort zones, these are the people who close the gap between knowing what needs to be done, and achieving it.